Also are we very vigilant about their use

March 28, 2012 12:00 AM
Also are we very vigilant about their use

More than 1 million euros to manage, some 30 volunteers to manager, 80 associations to coordinate... such is the daily Pacôme Rupin, President of the Office of the students from Essec. "The BDE, it's a real small business." This requires almost as much time, energy and pressure! "guarantee - it. The ESSEC business school, the President of the BDE is necessarily a third year student, having already known experiences in business. It includes: the Organization of the weekend of integration and student evenings, weekly reports with management, the canvassing and the meetings of the corporate partners of the school, the task is rugged and varied.

It is the interest of this type of experience: "taking responsibility within an association requires qualities that are in business: teamwork, ability to manager, to make decisions", observes Marlène Carrias-Iked, responsible for recruitment in Michelin. What encourage students to get involved. It is carried out in high school, University or by its own networks, community engagement is accessible to all. At Reims Management School, about 30 associations coexist, each with a local lent by the Directorate. "In all, about 500 students on 1,500 are active members of an association, says Alexandre Severac, activity associations in RMS. We did not force students to join, but this kind of experience can only be beneficial.

Side universities, the problem is different. At le Mans, the administration keeps not less than 40 associations. "We don't have unlimited funds, said Danielle Leveau, responsible for mission culture. Also, are we very vigilant about their use. Therefore, that students demonstrate tenacity and competence for budgets. In this, it is a very rewarding experience. "Jam at home, which organizes a concert of music in June, is thus managed to harvest 26,000 euros, see the University, the Mayor of le Mans, the General Council of the Sarthe and, finally, the Regional Council of Pays de la Loire.

More on the CV

Perseverance appreciated by recruiters. Eric Casali, being co Reims sub school, comes to be hired by the company Moët Hennessy Spain. A recruitment that he attributes to a good hand to the Presidency of the association RMS 4 U, an Internet portal to present online the activities of the associations of the school and offer students a development relationship through forums. "At my job interview, the recruiter long asked on the subject, he says." That it was interested to see how I had solicited advertisers for the site, how I had managed relations with the school, how I had managed my team of 10 people...

Still need to qualify this enthusiasm. If commitment to recognized associations, such as the BDE or the JuniorEntreprise, concern to employers, it is not always the same for structures in the most "festive" purpose, as players of balls and golf clubs, or a circle of bédéphiles. Attention also to not lose sight of the essential: "membership in an association can be a plus in a nomination, but is not the decisive element, recalls Marlène Carrias-Iked.". Before we are at the professional experience of the candidate courses or learning. "In short, an experience to consume with moderation...