Other writers seek to qualify this ruthless world

March 28, 2012 12:00 AM
Other writers seek to qualify this ruthless world

Gerard Desvignes is Director of purchases in an SME of 2,000 people and life smiled at him: a beautiful professional situation, loving a woman, three children... This is the beginning of "Dropping out of a framework" (Symaxe), a novel by Stanislas Engrand, which were easily guess the course of history. For its part, "Vertical classification" (editions Anne career), the fourth opus of Patrick Villemin, featuring the French subsidiary of a US pharmaceutical group and amounts of individuals without scruples, makes us enter a ruthless universe. More and more dark and cynical world of business aspects come feed the imagination of authors of novels. Most of these works dwelling on intolerable or absurd situations and the brutality of labour relations.

Your accuser

It is true that professional life vehicle lot of tragedies, suicides of employees in cases of harassment and brutal ruptures of contract of employment. But, according to different surveys, the French and other Europeans to consider some 80 rather pleased to work. Then the literature does want as the wrong side of life

For a work of fiction, it is at least the most interesting. And that is probably why John the square in "The field of the mission" (the threshold) looks at the situation of a society indifferent to a theme yet very in vogue in business: corporate social responsibility. The group described by Le Carré pille shamelessly a country, bribes kicked and without concern for the fate of the indigent woman local population. Even your accuser on the side of "Work in the financial", from Tancrède Alexandre (editions Thélès), where it is question of a Fund of eager investment performance, or novel of Nicole Malinconi "the Office" still (the dawn), which describes with many details the nagging fear of unemployment that taps employees.

Other writers seek to qualify this ruthless world. This is the case of Joseph Finder. Author of several spy novels, it has increased its notoriety with writing thrillers set in the business community: "Paranoia" (industrial espionage in the high-tech environment), "company Man" ("private equity" and industrial environment), "The Instinct of the killer" (System of a manufacturer of Japanese plasma screens) have all been bestsellers. Indeed, it is not the literary qualities but rather the realism of his works are the success of Joseph Finder. Office life, the strategies of firms, the dilemmas of managers and the tough choice of CEO, everything is described with precision.

As a confession

For the writing of his novel "Paranoia", this former official at the CIA and reporter with the hours met with levels highest groups such as Cisco, HP and Apple, and, for "Killer instinct", the NEC Group has much helped. Of course, all companies are not quick to confidence. Boeing refused; Lockheed Martin has cooperated and two of its executives are among the commentators of the case study in the HBR.

It is the main difficulty for Joseph Finder camping characters of bankers and CEOs in all their humanity.

"They talk me more frankly to a journalist", said Joseph Finder, which considers an image of more realistic than the journals of the business world and other works of management or even the press economic. The theme of the dismissal, for example: interviewed by journalists, business leaders discussing coldly wing reduction or loss of competitiveness, by Joseph Finder.

However, to him that they regard as a confessor, these same professionals avoueraient how these situations are tough to live. And speak of the consequences of such situations on their lives of family with children ostracized, beaten or glasses thrown in figure in restaurants. That is, whether fictional or real, business executive life is not a sinecure.