Now the ads seem in priority on the site

March 28, 2012 12:00 AM
Now the ads seem in priority on the site

The ink is barely dry but impossible to resist. Each year, thousands of French rush after the holidays to their booth. It is to get the vacation rentals Edition published by the PAP ("particular to particular") Group: a good kilo of 33,000 ads focused on 484 pages. A little heavy do you Yet with the Internet, the publication suffered a severe weight loss cure. "Now, the ads seem in priority on the site." "The publication in the paper guide is only optional", says Catherine Jolly, Chairman of the group, which lists more than 350 000 visits per month on the site of the vacation rentals. The benefits of the canvas are multiple: thus for each rental, the landlord may put up to 18 photos online. "It is significant for the client." "The seasonal rental is indeed the only while you reserve before visiting," points out Catherine Jolly. The Internet allows real-time availability and a thematic search: in addition to the conventional criteria for location, number of occupants or price, it is also possible to apply the proximity intensive steps, Thalassotherapy centre or equestrian club. "We are setting up a new screening events, to dance, jazz and theatre enthusiasts find a close location of a place of festival". It is a real work of Ant. "An audit is required to the French initiative unions 20,000, as this option will be available in spring," added the President of PAP.

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The "Bertrand vacation" must also leave in the coming days. More robust, it offers "only" 10,000 announcements of individuals but enriches its offer by other types of accommodation. "Outdoor type large mobile home or chalet hotel has the wind in recent years, said an official of the group.". With its clubs for children, its events, its restoration on the spot and comfort care, this formula is appreciated and large families, sometimes struggling to find cheap rentals to the taste of each of the members of the tribe.

Because this is the new situation of recent years. Blended families require, the French depart more and more at 5, 6 or even 7. Or downright accompanied by pairs of friends. At the same time, they are more fractionated vacations and, now, the rentals are essentially by the week or fortnight. "The third week is often from home, vacationers are less reluctant to afford goods above range." "As when they leave many, costs are shared between the families", explains Catherine Jolly.

Then want to dream Made a small tour on the Internet, where rentals are bloated. To get the water to the mouth, contains some nuggets like this mas in the Pyrénées-Orientales, which accommodates 15 people (including two in a cabin in a shaft, 12 meters of height!) from 2,000 euros the week. Calculate! Located on , the bastide of 230 square metres with a swimming pool, the vines and olive trees, is displayed, to 3,000 euros in high season for 14 persons. If you are patient, the site of beautiful houses for rent Gets a makeover for the month of February and proposes that the high range. "This site is visited by many families, or grandparents wishing to bring their children and grandchildren, but also by the show-biz customers", says Bertrand holiday Manager, who is participating in this site. But the note can rise to 50,000 euros the week when Cook, nanny, gardener and cleaners are part of the package.

If it is abroad trying to you, the site very british .uk deserves a coup de chapeau. This organization founded in 1965 is responsible for the restoration and tourist location of historic buildings in the United Kingdom: strong, houses, cottages, castles, mills, all have also all the modern comfort. A unique experience, certainly. More to the South, in Italy, it is Cuendet which arises as a leader of the rental of luxury homes. Difficult to not "crack" for a "Dammuso", this ancient building of stone typical of the island of Pantelleria South of Sicily, or for a Renaissance villa in Tuscany! "We pay particular attention to the selection of our homes: they must have an excellent location, quiet and decorated with care." And, above all, respect the regional authenticity. "Not to stint on modernity and comfort", said Simona Pampaloni, commercial Manager of the group, adding: "If any Italian who respects his coffee with a moka coffee, all our houses are equipped with electric coffee maker to meet European customers!" But be careful, there also must be little delay to book. "The summer season 2008 opened... Since the month of July!", prevents.